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Our Huts

Whilst our huts maintain a traditional Shepherds Hut style on the exterior, the interior is fitted with modern luxury loos. They are all built on road worthy trailer chassis’ to enable us to deliver the huts to almost any location. The huts all have an internal tank fitted to store waste water, which is taken away with the unit at the end of your event. 

Our Environment

We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All our huts operate using fresh water throughout with no chemicals involved, this not only results in diminished odours but also is a lot more hygienic. There is a vacuum flush system fitted which minimises the amount of water needed per flush further supporting our desire to be environmentally friendly.

Our Luxury

Our huts are all equipped with hot and cold running water and are delivered to every event with a plentiful supply of reusable hand towels, environmentally friendly soaps and hand lotions along with a lady’s essentials basket with all those little extras that you may need. Furthermore, we are able to provide a valet service for the duration of your event upon request.

Our Requirements

Wherever your event may be, the only requirements that we have from you are a no obligation site visit and that the appropriate electricity and water supply is available. However, should the location be so remote that water and electricity aren't readily available, we are more than happy to supply a generator and standalone water supply for an additional charge.


The huts will be delivered by a 4x4 and will be correctly levelled in position by the delivery team. The team will connect the huts to water and electricity and ensure they are ready for use before leaving you to enjoy your party. 

The Rushton Hut

Our huts have two separate toilets (on the left) typically allocated for ladies’ use.  The third door (on the right) leads into an area with two urinals and a toilet for the gentlemen.

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